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About us

Formiga1 are building surveyors, consultants and certifiers who set the standard for quality and safety worldwide.

We are a multi-disciplinary company who pride ourselves on our customer service excellence, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail.




When it comes to fostering a successful business, we understand there are two major components that make up almost every aspect of our business – our customers and our staff. 

Both groups of people cultivate a type of synergy that work in conjunction with each other to help foster and develop relationships built on respect and results, which ultimately allows Formiga1 to provide exceptional licensed building surveyor services. 

Developing this culture of success takes place in a number of different ways and our end goal is always the same – ‘to provide quality service coupled with clear and concise advice based on Legislative Building Requirements’. 

From the way we run our meetings to client liaison approaches, right through to management techniques and marketing materials, our culture is something that’s been built on, worked at and consistently developed over the years to raise Formiga1 into one of the premier building surveyor companies in the southern hemisphere. 

Ensuring our work gives us meaning and purpose

Part of ensuring that quality work is completed every time we engage with our customers is to make certain all our work has meaning and purpose. Part of this is to engage with our employees on a regular basis so they understand the importance of what they do, from the CEO right through to the person who fills the coffee machine in the morning. 

Each aspect of our workforce is an important cog in the machine of our business and like a good quality Swiss watch, each part plays an important role in keeping the entire enterprise running smoothly. 

Giving back is chicken soup for the soul

Part of fostering a culture of community and caring involves Formiga1 giving back to our community. With this in mind we try our best to conduct considerable community outreach programs that help a variety of different community groups. So far we have:- 

  • Supported local sporting teams by providing winter uniforms
  • Supporting pastoral ministries in local schools
  • Supporting a soup kitchen for hungry children through a local school
  • We sponsor national and international disaster relief events
  • Financial assistance into the SU Qld School Chaplaincy program
  • Financial sponsorship of the ‘Ride Run 2 Rebuild’ which helped raise money for rebuilding projects in Nepal and Vanuatu after their natural disasters
  • Financial support to the Wesley Mission Brisbane - Art for the Margins Program
  • Sponsor the Carindale Lions Fundraising programs
  • Sponsor to the Police Legacy Program
  • Sponsorhsip into many other Community support programs like youth suicide prevention and Australian Defence Vetern support to name a few.

By being part of our community we give every employee the opportunity to belong to something that’s greater than ourselves. We can connect with the people within our community and help us give back to the families and businesses that show their support in us. 

Wellness is more than just a word

Our employees are the driving force behind our enterprise. We know this. We understand this and we foster healthy, happy staff throughout our entire organisation via a variety of methods. 

When staff make suggestions on business improvements, we listen. We have implemented many different staff suggestions into our organisation from recognition of individuals fundamental to business changes, redevelopment of procedures based on staff feedback through to team building activities and our popular annual conference. 

We recognise the advantage of autonomy

Even though we’re a national organisation, we have several offices throughout the country including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth; and in Auckland. Each office, whilst under the umbrella of Formiga1 has a high level of autonomy when it comes to making decisions about a range of different factors that impacts them on a state level. 

This helps to foster an independent office that’s in control of many elements across the business which helps to give our customers the most up-to-date and experienced service for their city and state.

Working with higher education institutions helps us foster the future

In the past few years, Formiga1 has implemented our wildly successful graduate program where we work closely with higher education providers to give students a greater understanding of the practical aspects of building a career as a building surveyor. 

By offering our services as guest lecturers and partnering with higher education providers to give students the opportunity to view our industry through the eyes of a professional organisation, this opens up multiple opportunities and outlines the positive benefits of our profession to a new generation of building surveyors. 

In the pursuit of providing excellent products and services, we’ve discovered that building a unique, positive workforce will ultimately benefit our customers as well as staff. Recognising talent, hard work and tenacity has helped us to build a company culture that empowers both customers and staff alike.