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How can staff remain up to date with the latest in fire and safety training amidst the current visitor restrictions due to COVID-19? 

Many Australian businesses have seen drastic changes implemented in their workplaces over the past few months. With COVID-19 sweeping the world, it’s put a very different perspective on not only how we do business, but who we allow into our businesses.

Virtual Workplace Fire & Evacuation Training

Aged care, medical centres and hospitals are being particularly cautious, and rightly so, when it comes to the contractors and visitors they’re currently allowing into their buildings given the Pandemic and its potential effects on staff, residents and patients in their care. 

Even as COVID-19 rolls its way across the world causing many areas of business and recreation to slow or, in some cases, completely shut down, one area that isn’t slowing or halting is the necessity to meet legislative requirements of life, fire and safety training for your staff and occupants.

Out with the old and in with the new

Just like thousands of other businesses across the nation, Formiga1 has had to adapt to a new way of working in our current pandemic-related circumstances. Virtual meetings, online presentations, web-based training and cloud-based document storage are all concepts and services we’ve had to adapt to as a business society and doing things predominately online is quickly becoming the norm for many companies. 

Online Fire & Safety Training – Self Paced – No Contact

Fire safety training used to be a group affair. All your staff would gather in a training room, meeting room or board room for mandated fire and safety instruction on a regular basis. This meant planning and organising teams based around one group conducting required training and the other handling additional workload, phones, customer enquiries, etc. 

With our online training, each staff member can conduct training sessions at a time that’s convenient for them, but also importantly, convenient for the business and its customers/patients. 

Fire and safety training needs to be regular. It needs to be updated where necessary. It also needs to ensure it covers all people that enter your building – staff, clients, customers, patients and visitors alike. 

The virtual training systems we have in place allow us to do this using the most efficient online methods available. Our training doesn’t require physical contact with trainers or consultants, thus eliminating the risk of a possible transfer of the deadly COVID virus whilst still meeting your compliance requirements. 

Linked to emergency services for maximum safety

One of the major benefits of the cloud-based program we use is that your building plans are shared with emergency services. This means that firefighters, police officers or paramedics will know the layout of your building and the fastest pathways to any particular point even without ever stepping foot in your building. 

This helps to provide the maximum of safety in the minimum amount of time and when you’re talking about life and death situations, often it’s a case of minutes or even seconds that can mean the difference between someone going home to their family or not. 

Training, education and occupant safety is our ultimate goal

In these extraordinary times, Formiga1 is doing everything it can to ensure our customers are meeting their legislative requirements when it comes to building and fire safety. Just like our political and journalistic arenas, there is a lot of misinformation being disseminated. We combat this by ensuring everyone at Formiga1 is trained to the highest standards we have available in health and aged care fire and safety requirements.
If you would like to organise online fire and safety training, please feel free to contact our Safety office.

We’re more than happy to simply have a chat, or run you through the range of different services we have available. Talk to us today if you would like further information.